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Kerakoll Bioflex Adhesives (Grey)

Price: 900 INR/Bag

Adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles indoor and outdoor areas and vitrified tiles only indoor. Polymermodified Ideal for walls Ideal for wet areas

Product Image (002)

Kerakoll Fugalite Eco

Price: 1850 INR/Pack

Rating 1 - EN Ecofriendly, easy to apply and clean, stainproof, waterproof, vitrified coloured epoxy grout and adhesive. For joints from 0 to 10 mm, guarantees the aesthetic continuity of tiles and stone surfaces. Ideal for use in GreenBuilding.

Product Image (40)

Kerakoll Biotile Adhesive (Grey)

Price: 446 INR/Pack

Adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles indoor and outdoor areas.

Product Image (003)

Kerakoll Bioflex Adhesives (White)

Price: 962 INR/Kilograms

Flexible mineral adhesive to fix vitrified tiles and natural stones on floor and wall.

Product Image (005)

Kerakoll Fugalite Bio

Price: 2039 INR/Pack

Waterbased hypoallergenic resin for waterproof, stainproof, silkeffect grouting of vitrified tiles, natural stones and glass mosaic. Fugalite Bio is dermatologicallytested, with the result as hypoallergenic according to a skin tolerance medical experiment conducted at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia dermatological clinic. Available in 12 natural hues inspired by the collections mainly used for making contemporary ceramic coverings. Guarantees the aesthetic and functional continuity of grouted surfaces.


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